Split Level Homes – 3 Essential tips for building on a sloping block in Perth

Though sloping blocks can and do create unique challenges, custom home builders are able to create beautiful, clever designs for split level homes that will surprise and excite you!

If you find an experienced custom builder that you trust implicitly, you and your builder will be able to achieve a distinctive home that works harmoniously with the slope of your lot.

Your new home will be unique and individual, as only split level homes can be, taking advantage of the orientation, the natural light and of course any views on offer!

However, because site costs may, for obvious reasons, be more expensive than they might be when building on a flat, rectangular block of land, we advise you to keep in mind the following points:

Building on a Sloping Block Tip #1 - Select your builder before settlement of your block 

Our number one word of advice would be to select a builder (preferably one who specialises in custom built homes) you trust before settling on the block of land you are considering.  Your builder will be able to offer advice and expertise upon inspection and give you an idea of what will be required, before you commit.  

Taking into consideration such things as the severity and direction of the slope, the natural aspects of the land including potential views, drainage, soil retention, driveway access and height restrictions, your builder will be able to get an overall idea of the lie of the land before you commit to the purchase. 

Select a builder experienced in designing split level homes and building on sloping blocks, because not all builders will be aware of all the challenges. So, for your own peace of mind, select your builder carefully.  

Building on a Sloping Block Tip #2 - The challenges, the research and the rewards

It goes without saying that all sloping blocks are going to present their own unique and individual challenges.  But these can, for the most part, be overcome.   Speak to your builder about such things as excavation and retaining walls.  A good builder will be able to design a home that works with the slope, keeping the retaining walls and excavation to a minimum.   Excessive excavation may cause instability and erosion so it is well worth having the discussion up front.  

Split level homes really need to be designed to follow the slope of the land, so speak with your builder early in the piece about maximising the attributes and minimising the shortcomings.   

Building on a sloping block can be challenging, but if you do your research and work with your builder throughout the process, the finished product will far outshine most cookie cutter homes. The time and research you commit to in the early stages of your build, will reap many benefits and the rewards will be well worth it.

Building on a Sloping Block Tip #3 - What you lose on the swings you may gain on the roundabout

The perceived costs involved in building your split level home on your sloping block may seem a little daunting before you actually begin the process.  But bear in mind that what you lose on the swings you may very well gain on the roundabout.  In other words, the block of land you choose may be less expensive than a flat block in the same area, simply because it is sloping.  

Buyers are often unaware of the many design possibilities a split level home can present and the clever concepts that can be achieved and built on a sloping block of land.   So while the actual site costs and construction of the home may work out a little bit more costly, if you purchase your block at a fair price, it could be a win-win situation for you.

Because there is so much potential for creativity and clever design ideas, we believe that building your new split level home will be both an exciting and rewarding experience. There are so many ingenious and innovative design possibilities for this type of home.

A good custom home builder will listen to your ideas, give their advice and help you create a beautiful, unique split level home where you and your family can thrive for many years to come!

Do you want to find out more about building a custom designed home?

Choosing to build a custom designed home is a big decision. You will have questions, and lots of them. So get in touch and ask away. Let us offer up some free advice based on 30 years of custom home building experience.

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Though sloping blocks can and do create unique challenges, custom home builders are able to create beautiful, clever designs for split level homes that will surprise and excite you!

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